Little accidents are a part of daily life. So, there is no need to stop the fun when there’s a BETADINE® Wound Care solution for them.

There are thousands of little threats out there. With the BETADINE® Wound Care range, you will always be prepared on how to treat wounds, namely cuts and abrasions, grazes and burns – BETADINE® Wound Care helps to kill the bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause infections12 keeping your family and yourself protected and healthy.

Stop wound infection, not the fun.

BETADINE® Wound Care is a range of povidone-iodine based medicated products that can effectively stop bacteria, fungi and viruses from infecting the injuries caused by minor daily accidents. With the BETADINE® solution, you can apply the correct wound care early to protect against infection, help in wound healing and keep your family at play.

BETADINE® Wound Care – Used worldwide in healthcare institutions and homes for over 55 years.

Wound Treatment

Povidone-iodine prevents and treats wound infections.12

Effective germ-killing action

With a broad spectrum of action, BETADINE® kills a wide range of germs while helping the wound heal, giving you peace of mind.37

Fast and long-lasting protection 10,23

Kills germs within 30 seconds1 and is effective against a wide range of topical infections.11

(Individual response varies.)

Easy to know when to reapply

You can reapply as often as required.21,22 The dark/reddish brown colour of povidone-iodine is a natural non-staining indicator that fades. When the solution has been absorbed, reapplication can be made.12</12>

Are you active? Here is how to protect yourself and your loved ones against minor wounds and abrasions

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How does the BETADINE® Wound Care range prevent wound infection?

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For little emergencies at home, what First Aid items should I keep on hand?

Follow these simple steps to treat minor wounds

Clean the affected area with an antiseptic such as BETADINE® Antiseptic Solution (10% povidone-iodine)
Apply BETADINE® Antiseptic Ointment (10% povidone-iodine).
Cover with a plaster if needed

Healthy healing starts with BETADINE®