Throat and Mouth infections


The lining in the mouth and throat is part of the first-line defence of your body against infection or damage from germs or external elements, and the health or your mouth is closely linked to the health of the rest of your body. Support your first-line defence with BETADINE® Mouthwash and Gargle and fight the germs before an infection takes hold. 29A, 30A,B, 31A

A sore throat could be caused by many different triggers, such as: 32

Germs, including viruses, bacteria or fungi
Cold air
Dry air

Throat infections:

Although there are many reasons for a sore throat, up to 95 % of sore throats in adults and 70 % in children are caused by viruses, for which an antibiotic will be of no use. That is the reason an antiseptic that works locally and has the ability to kill a broad spectrum of germs such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, is often more suitable. 29, 32

Wounds in the mouth:

Wounds in the mouth due to cancer therapy or dental procedures also provides the opportunity for germs to cause an infection. Studies show that when BETADINE® Mouthwash and Gargle was used for patients suffering from these types of wounds, the severity and duration of the wounds were reduced, and the germs that lead to infections are effectively eliminated. 29

Everyday germs:

Germs that are present in the mouth could cause plaque and gum disease. The use of BETADINE® Mouthwash and Gargle as part of your general oral hygiene can help reduce plaque and the germs that cause gum disease. 29

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4 Easy steps to treat a sore throat and infection in the mouth