BETADINETM Odour Control – For your active self, naturally.

Introducing the new BETADINETM Intimate Care Odour Control range, exclusively designed to help relieve undesirable feminine odours whilst protecting your natural intimate pH and flora.

Odour is a concern for all women. Sometimes it makes you feel less fresh than you want to be. BETADINETM Intimate Care Odour Control specially-designed formulation with prebiotics is now enriched with natural extract of Witch Hazel that provides advanced deodorizing effect to keep unwanted odours at bay.72,73

SensivaTM  SC50:

A natural active ingredient that soothes the skin, inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and reduces skin redness and irritation.


Also known as the “everlasting flower”, Immortelle is a natural antioxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture.


A natural extract that provides effective odour neutralisation.


Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and protects the intimate area.

BETADINE™ Intimate Care Odour Control – Daily use

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