Have an infection? Try a BETADINE® solution

BETADINE® products – Used worldwide in healthcare institutions and homes for over 55 years.

Healthy healing starts with BETADINE® antiseptic products. Prevent infections early by killing the germs that cause them and protects your family.4,6,15,23,24

BETADINE® products are convenient to use and, depending on the product, prevent sore throats, treat scalp conditions, help with minor cuts and grazes, ensure intimate areas stay healthy, and stop small issues before they become big ones.4,6,15,23,24

The active ingredient in BETADINE® antiseptics, povidone-iodine, kill germs quickly to prevent infections.25 Protect your family and support the healing process with our antiseptics. Individual response varies*


BETADINE®: The top choice by healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Have an infection? Try a BETADINE solution

BETADINE® products have been widely used in hospitals and surgeries, and by doctors and consumers

BETADINE® has been recognized for its antiseptic function, making it a key element in the prevention and treatment of infections

Healthy healing starts with BETADINE®