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When you feel a little itch in your throat, you know exactly what to do. BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle helps you defeat the viruses and bacteria1, 2 before they get a chance to make their homes in your throat.
Most germs are killed within 30 seconds2, stopping a small problem from becoming a big one.

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BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle is a povidone-iodine medicated gargle that kills most bacteria and viruses in your mouth.1, 2
At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with BETADINE® for 30 seconds to stop infections from spreading.1, 2

Used worldwide in healthcare institutions and homes
for over 45 years

Germ-killing action in 30 seconds2
A short gargle kills the bacteria and viruses in your mouth and throat.1,2

Helps stop sore throats early1,2
Kills the germs that cause sore throats and stops a small problem from becoming a big one.1,2

Protect those around you.
BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle 
not only protects your throat but stops the spreading of germs to the people around you.1,3,4,5

Dealing with a sore throat? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a sore throat?

A sore throat often begins as an itch, pain or irritation, but it could be more than that. It could be pharyngitis17 or tonsillitis.18 Most sore throats are caused by a viral infection, which means you’ll often get other symptoms like a runny nose or aches and pains just like you’d get with a cold.17 Other common types of viral infections include influenza (flu).

Sometimes, a sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection, which is commonly called ‘strep throat’.19

Infections caused by a fungus can also be the source of mouth and throat discomfort. It is common in people who have a weakened immune system, e.g. people who have either cancer, poorly controlled sugar diabetes, or who have  HIV/AIDS.33

The earlier you treat a sore throat, the easier you are likely to get rid of it!

Because you don’t know if a sore throat is caused by a virus, a fungus or a bacteria, choose a medicine that kills them all at once. BETADINE® is a 3 in 1 antiseptic that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses all at once.1,2

What are viruses and bacteria?

Viruses are tiny organisms that rely on human or animal cells for their survival, so they cannot last very long outside the body.21 They cause illnesses by invading healthy cells and multiplying.

Bacteria are single cell organisms usually found in and on our bodies.21 Some bacteria are harmless – and can even be good for us – and some cause infections that trigger illness like strep throat and some ear infections.21

Why should we gargle with BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle instead of home remedies like salt water, lemon- or honey-based mixture?

While gargling with natural ingredients does provide symptomatic relief, there is no clear scientific evidence on its mode of germ killing action.17

BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle has proven scientific evidence on its germ killing activity against the viruses and bacteria that can cause sore throats.1,2,6 With a 30-second gargle, BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle is scientifically proven to kill germs.2 When you have a severe infection, some germs require that you gargle up to 2 minutes.46

What are the causes of sore throats?

More than 80% of sore throats are caused by viruses17,18 such as Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, Influenza and Coronavirus. Bacteria are the next most common type of germs that cause sore throats,17 which is commonly called "Strep throat".18,19

These viruses and bacteria can be passed on via direct contact (e.g. touching someone or an object that is infected by or contains a virus), airborne transmission (e.g. when someone coughs) and close personal contact like kissing.19

As a sore throat can be caused by different types of germs, it is important to use a medication that is proven to be effective against the different types and classes of germs.

Should a sore throat be treated with antibiotics?

Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. Because most sore throats are caused by a virus, antibiotics will not work. Due to the increasing problem with resistance, most health authorities advise against the over-use of antibiotics, so that resistance doesn’t become a big problem.22

If a sore throat persists or is particularly severe, you should see your doctor. Antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor in situations of bacteria related infections.

How is BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle different from most cosmetic mouthwash brands on the market?

Cosmetic mouthwashes are meant for fresh breath while BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle is a clinically proven medicated formulation for the treatment and protection against throat and oral infection.27 BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle kills bacteria, fungi and viruses all at once.1,2

Why is BETADINE® brown in colour?

The active ingredient in BETADINE®, povidone-iodine, is naturally a brown colour. It should not stain your skin, fingernails or hair, although you can see where it’s been applied on the skin.
If you accidentally get BETADINE® on natural fibres it can usually be easily washed off with water and soap. For synthetic fibres, BETADINE® can usually be washed off with the help of a stain remover.
CAUTION: Immediately remove spills from plastic floors.

How quickly does BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle work?

BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle contains povidone-iodine that kills viruses and bacteria that cause most sore throats1,2,6, after a 30-second gargle. It is impossible to say how quickly you will feel better, it depends on the severity of the infection and how strong your immune system is.

Will BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle stain teeth?

No, BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle does not stain the teeth. The natural brown colour is due to the active ingredient povidone-iodine.6
BETADINE® preparations do not stain the skin, fingernails, hair, or natural fibre.6 If you accidentally get BETADINE® on natural fibres, it can usually be easily washed off with water and soap. For man-made fibres, BETADINE® can usually be washed off with the help of a stain remover.
CAUTION: Immediately remove spills from plastic floors.

Does a lozenge help with a sore throat?

Most lozenges provide symptomatic relief only by soothing the throat. Other lozenges may have efficacy against only a narrow spectrum of germs.23,24

On the other hand, BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle treats the source of the infection effectively against a wide variety of germs that cause sore throats.1, 2

How can you reduce the risk of getting a sore throat?

Since most sore throats are caused by a viral or bacterial infection,17 there are steps that you can take to prevent getting an infection.28

    • Wash your hands regularly with soap
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands as viruses can enter your body this way and make you sick
    • If you have an allergy, avoid exposure to allergens
    • Avoid sharing utensils with people who are sick
    • Stay away from people who are ill, as viruses that cause the common cold can spread, and is one of the most common causes of sore throats.
    • Practice proper hand and throat hygiene by using an antiseptic hand wash (such as BETADINE® Surgical Scrub) and gargle, such as BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle to prevent passing on germs within the family or community.29
Why is it important to treat the early signs of a sore throat and not wait for the situation to worsen?

Prevention is better than cure. Early treatment will prevent you from getting sicker and protect your loved ones from getting sick.

The moment you feel an itch in your throat, it is good to use an antiseptic gargle before the situation worsens. You do not want the viruses and bacteria to spread. It also reduces the chance of having to take antibiotics unnecessarily.

Self-medication is the selection and use of medicines by individuals to treat self-recognised illnesses or symptoms.20

Why is BETADINE® effective?

Research has shown that the povidone-iodine (PVPI) in BETADINE® has a 30 second killing effect against a large range of germs like bacteria, fungi and viruses.1, 2 It has proven efficacy and a rapid mode of action. Unlike other antimicrobial agents, no clinically significant episodes of resistance have been reported.25

Because BETADINE® is a 3 in 1 antiseptic, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses all at once, it is indicated for many mouth and throat conditions.

BETADINE® Mouthwash & GargleE is indicated for the relief of painful infections and inflammatory conditions of the mouth as well as a routine mouthwash. It means that it is indicated for prevention and treatment of:

- Sore throats
- Flu3
- Oral thrush
- Mouth ulcers
- Gum abscess or any bacterial infections
- Cuts and wounds

What happens if I accidentally swallow BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle?

While the product is for external use only, a small amount of accidentally ingested BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle is not of high concern. However, prolonged ingestion should be avoided. Any oral consumption of huge amounts of BETADINE® should also be avoided.E For further information, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Who should not use BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle?

Young children do not know how to gargle properly yet so you can dilute 1 part of BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle with 3 parts water and paint the inside of the mouth with a cotton-bud soaked with the solution.E
Pregnant and lactating mothers are encouraged to avoid using BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle due to the potential risks to the foetus. There is a possible chance that the foetus may be at risk of hypothyroidism. Although hypothyroidism is reversible, it may lead to future metabolic conditions.E
People allergic to iodine, with hyper function of the thyroid or other manifested thyroid diseases should not use BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle.E

Simple Steps to Gargle

For adults and children over 6 years of age:

If you are using BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle to prevent an infection, rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.

If you use BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle  to treat wounds inside your mouth, rinse your mouth for 2 minutes before spitting it out.

If you are using BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle for routine oral hygiene, you should dilute it with 2 parts water and rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.

Throat & Oral Care Step 1 (600x600)

Throat and Oral Care Step 2-01

Throat and Oral Care Step 3-01

Children under the age of 6:

Dilute one part of BETADINE® Mouthwash & Gargle with three parts water. Soak a ball of cotton wool or similar applicator with the dilution and paint the affected area inside the mouth. Allow the same contact time as for adults (described above) before spitting it out.

You can use BETADINE®  Mouthwash & Gargle up to four times daily.

BETADINE®  Mouthwash & Gargle must be used only topically in the mouth – DO NOT SWALLOW.

Before first use, cut off the head of the spout with a pair of scissors.

At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with
BETADINE®  Mouthwash & Gargle

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Contraindications: Sensitivity to iodine. Hyperthyroidism. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Always use BETADINE®  as prescribed in the package leaflet.
You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.

For full product information, refer to the approved package insert. >>

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